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Pola Galindo Glass Artist & Jeweler

I started 20 yeasrs ago designing and creating glass “lampwork” forms in order to create my own jewelry. I love what I do and it shows. I create my own glass canes in order to paint intricate designs. I put hours into each piece of my jewelry. “ART” The glass boot and hat are of my own design. I melt my own gold, silver and roll the wire to fit each of my glass art pieces so it can be displayed and worn. Some boots, hats etc... have real diamonds and other precious gems embedded into the glass. Others dangle mother of pearls, fine stones like amethysts, emeralds, sapphires or crystals. Genuine 100% Bling. 

~Pola Galindo

My Medium is Glass & Sterling Silver

I  enjoy working with the mediums of glass and silver. The  glass rods are Oregon Bullseye, Double Helix, Effetre Moretti and Satake from Japan. 

I only purchase Silver from reputable vendors. Fun Fact is that Glass melts at 2500 degrees.andSilver melts at 1763 degrees. 

I believe that working with Glass and Silver expands my artistic process. Each medium  manifests in its own individual style that translates into BLING.

My Inspiration

BLING! Eastern Oregon Scenery and Rodeo "Western Wear"  influence me. I love recreating colors and patterns in my work.

WearAble ART!   All original ART jewelry pieces are created and designed by Pola, who personally frames them in precious metals so they can be worn.   

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